Summonaria, A Boardgame of Strategy and Combat
For thousands of years they have lain in hiding, lost from all recorded knowledge so that their power would be contained.
 Take on the Role of a Wise Master Wizard or a Power-Mad Warlock and Wage Magical War!
Now at last they have been discovered, the fabled Shezarian Stones, the keys to unlocking the deepest secrets of magic and its power.

Driven to be the one to seize control of such a powerful relic, the most powerful wizards of the realm converge on their location,
a remote island sanctuary, to battle one another for the highest stakes imaginable. Take on the role of one of the great Master Summoners of Thranok as they wage war for total control of the realm's magical source!
As one of these powerful wizards, you will manage your magical resources and use them to summon powerful champions from your homelands to aid you in battle as the struggle for magical supremacy mounts.  Take on the Role of a Wise Master Wizard or a Power-Mad Warlock and Wage Magical War!

Strategically deploy allies from your abundant resources. Seek out temples where your warriors can gain the upper hand in combat. Conquer and defend powerful keeps that contain the ultimate prize, the mystic Shezarian Stones!

Summon and command armies of noble warriors, enchanted creatures, hideous monsters and ghastly undead in a struggle to seize control of the stones and wield the power of the ancients! Enter the world of Summonaria™ and dominate Thranok's destiny.

Number of Players: 2 to 4
Recommended Ages: 11 to Adult

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 Summonaria is now available as a boardgame or online as a multiplayer turn based game!

Player Reviews

  • Zab the Goblin

    "Playing Summonaria was one of the most exciting things I've ever done!  Crushing and killing all those dirty humans really struck a chord in me and made me excited about killing more humans!  Stab stab!  Hehehe!"

    - Zab the Goblin

  • Sir Cumference

    "At first I was unsure of what to make of this darkly boxed trifle but then I brought forth the Defenders units and it made me think, 'What Ho!, Verily this is a force to be reckoned with!'  I shall look forward to my next opportunity to mete out justice with my azure champions.  The dark denizens of Thranok will part from my advance like a sea of cowardice."

    - Sir Cumference, Free Knight

  • Valic the Infernal

    "I played a four player game of Summonaria and the excitement of battling for control of the Stones really got my blood pumping!  Our armies fought back and forth to hold the towers.  But it was when I got the blood of the other players flowing that I knew my victory, and indeed my supper, was guaranteed."

    - Valic the Infernal

  • Nord the Ogre

    "Stupid box am pretty but hard to open.  Little snacky pieces am tasty and big board good for smashing small tasties me find near lake.  "

    - Nord, the Ogre of Stumgulch