Sand & Steel

They stand in the center of the great Imperial Arena. Throngs of people shout from their crowded places in the stands, creating a clamor that is deafening as it echos through the enclosed space. The heat presses down on each of them, causing sweat to bead and run down the inner walls of their armor. The sand is warm on their sandaled feet and is littered with dark discolorations and the odd pieces of broken shield, shattered blades and ruined arrows.

Steeling their resolve, they look around at the surrounded battlefield. Small rises of wooden stands and rocky outcroppings offer small defensive options from what lays in wait beyond the dark portcullis that stands at the long end of the arena.

A massive trumpet blast sounds, sending the crowd into wild exhultation. Slowly the portcullis begins to rise, groaning under its own ancient weight. The men ready their weapons, making final comfort adjustments to their protective garb and widening their stance in preparation for what they know will soon be upon them. A low growl issues from the shadows beyond the open gate. The sound of something heavy on its feet and very hungry fills the air and forces a feeling of dread over the less stalwart men in the clustering.

It is time and you are ready to risk it all. Glory and honor stand as the prize, with death a likely outcome. The life of a Gladiator is without many assurances but one thing is certain...there will be blood.

COMING SOON, In Development Now.