All Hands on Deck!


Put on your eye patch and grab your matchlock pistol, its time to weigh anchor! Salamander is bringing you a fast paced new card game that will put you in the role of a fearless pirate captain.

Bid on new recruits, build a suitable crew, and scuttle the efforts of competing captains around you who are trying to do the same.


In the new game All Hands on Deck!, you are Captain of your own pirate vessel and have pillaged and plundered your way along the coast hoping to build a name for yourself and a treasure trove to assure an easy retirement.  A magnificent score, the wreck of the Spanish freighter ‘La Mula de Oro Gorda’ has been discovered in a sea cave off Pillager's Point.  Several ships learned of the wreck and rushed to take it.

Your ship has just returned to port at Bloody Bay, fresh from the resulting battle.  Damaged and shorthanded, you need to make repairs, take on supplies and find yourself new able bodied crew members to replace the men you lost in the skirmish.  Leaving the carpenter and his hands working on the deck repairs, you make your way to the tavern to locate suitable sailors to refill your ranks.


The dingy building is a meeting place for the saltiest pirates that are looking for work or simply looking to drain a bottle
while in port. Making your way to a rear table, your mate discovers that three of the ships that were involved in your
last conflict, the ‘Stormsail’, the ‘Sea Sabre’, and the ‘Black Viper’, made port with too much damage to repair.  The
remnants of their crews have made their way back here and are searching for new employment. 

Luck, it would seem, is with you and there appears to be some seaworthy pirates here truly fit for a place among your fearsome crew. Your searching eyes catch those of several other grim captains in the room who glare similarly through the dim light. You are not alone in your pursuit of suitable hands, you'd best be on your guard...

Do you have what it takes to be the craftiest hand at the auction table and prove yourself the finest Pirate Captain in these waters?


The object of the game is simple, be the first Captain to find and hire enough needed replacements to have a seaworthy crew and put back out to sea.  To do this, you must build a crew of seven consecutive pirates from the same derelict crew or build one set of three consecutive pirates from each of the three crews patronizing the tavern.

This card game of Pirate Crew Building has funded successfully on Kickstarter!  If you missed the boat but still want to order your copy of the game, you can do so now through our SG Store and still get the Kickstarter edition that includes the mini-expansion and the "Kraken" promo card!