About Salamander

From their humble beginnings, the men of Salamander Games have always had a focused drive to create something that they could stand back and be proud of.  Even while working at an old timey blacksmith shoppe, the two were struck with a desire to put the best possible wooden wheels on things that could possibly be managed.  It didn't matter what people brought in, they were determined to send them home sporting wooden wheels that could be the pride of the county.

Our Gaming Philosophy

  • Games should create a fun player experience.  While this seems fairly explanatory, when you look at the market you see a lot of games that try to be sellable first and fun second.  We believe the key to a good game is an attractive presentation that draws players in and gets them interacting in a way that is engaging to everyone. The mechanics of a game should be a vehicle to that end rather than a structural impediment.  The best experience is one where you can get lost in the situation that the game creates and thoroughly enjoy yourself while doing so.
  • Great games tell a narrative.  Abstract games can be fun and certainly have their place, but the best games create a story space and place the players inside it, allowing them to unlock their own story narrative from there.  The gaming experiences we always come back to are those where you look back and remember when this happened or this player did something and then this unexpected thing happened.  Those are the moments that transcend a game from a pleasant diversion to an experience that is truly memorable.
  • Games don't have to be about pages and pages of rules.  In the early days of hobby gaming it almost seemed like it was a requirement that a 'good' game have a thick compendium of small text detailing all the rules needed to create a complete simulation of the experience the game meant to create. It was a significant commitment to read, digest and learn all those rules in order to play the game, in many cases before you even knew if you liked it. The recent advent of the concept of casual gaming has encouraged the development of lighter games with fewer rules, shorter span of play, but with a commitment still to creating a fun and unique experience. We believe that both styles can have their place but that designs that encourage quick entry to the game and shorter game durations make it possible to entice people who have never played games and people who play casually with limited amounts of time to devote to get interested as well.

Team Salamander

  • Chad Scott Chad Scott

    Chad is known by friends and foes alike as "the Monster".  His talent for game design is matched only by his desire to crush his enemies beneath his armored boot.  He loves styrofoam peanuts, horse racing, and trapping interdimensional beings in his closet, though not necessarily in that order.

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  • Josh Fry Josh Fry

    Josh is really a robot left behind by the Roswell crash in 1947.  His hobbies include playing games, long walks along deserted stretches of road near the edge of town, and trying to see just how many licks it does in fact take to get to the center of a AA battery.

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