Welcome to SalamanderGames.com!  We have been hard at work focusing on our next major release, 'All Hands on Deck!', and are in the final art and design stages and nearly ready to get it out to our fans!

We have seen a lot of changes in the industry and in our own company over the last several years.  Like many small independent game companies, we have faced some challenges as we've gone along but we are focused more than ever on developing great games that encourage social interaction around the game table and make the kind of experiences with friends and family that other forms of entertainment just can't create. 

We can't wait to make you a Salamander fan and will keep putting out great games that will hopefully find a home in your game collection!


Our Products

  • Salamander Games is an independent developer and publisher of tabletop games.  Our focus is on highly thematic games that encourage lots of direct player interaction during gameplay.

    We have several games available now or in development for release in the near future, please visit the links below for additional information and stay tuned for more release information as things develop.  We can't wait to show you what is coming up!


Latest news

  • 22 November

    We made it to BGG.con this past weekend in Dallas, TX!  We had a blast playing 'All Hands on Deck!' with everyone and getting to talk to all sorts of great people from the hobby.  Can't wait to do it again!

  • 10 June

    If you missed out on our Kickstarter campaign for 'All Hands on Deck!', we have it available for pre-order in our SG Store so you can still get the game with all the extra goodies before they run out!  If you order quickly, you will get a copy of the game plus the limited edition Dealer Doubloon, the "Captain's Table" mini-expansion, and the special "Kraken" promo card.  These extras are in limited supply and once they are gone not even Davy Jones will be able to secure them.